Preliminary Programme

Friday  |  22nd of November, 2019

08.30-10.00Ultrasound – of the right ventricle

How to measure the right ventricle?
Attila Kovacs

New insights  of the working right ventricle
Balint Lakatos

Hepatic vein Doppler-should we have a look into the liver?
Csaba Eke

More information about the aortic wall-patients with Marfan syndrome 
Kalman Benke

Difficult weaning from the cardiopulmonary bypass
Nora di Tomassio
10.00-10.30 Break
10.30-12.30Research methods

Traditional analysis or machine learning?
Marton Tokodi

Cardiac surgeon with good database and thoracic experience
Levente Fazekas

Metaanalysis – changing place in the research
Adam Nagy

Longitudinal data in psychological research - our results
Enikő Holndonner - Kirst

Detecting and overseeing CHD in utero - different consequences
Judit Simon
12.30.-13.30 Lunch symposium (JArvik)
13.30-16.00Blood managment, blood purification

Citosorb in cardiac surgery
Endre Nemeth

Citosorb – do we need it
Martin Bernandi

Blood management - Eastern European Perspectives
Daniella Filipescu

Recent perspectives in blood managment
David Mazer

Markers of AKI after cardiac surgery
Ilona Bobek

Role of mikrobiome
Krisztina Madach
16.00-16.30 Break
16.30-18.30Endocrin issues in ICU, challenging cases

Endocrin support in the cardiac ICU
Orsolya Dohan

My case
Michael Durand

My case
Suorajanta Raili

My case
Maurizio Mazzoni

Sternal infection in our department
Károly Gombocz

Frailty a an undermeasured marker of mortality after cardiac surgery
Rudolf Kiss

ADHD in schoolyears after cardiac surgery
Nikolett Czobor

Gala dinner

Saturday  |  23rd of November, 2019

08.30-10.30Around the cardiac patients

Exhaled gases and prognostic consequences in diabetes
Barna Babik

Laparascopy in heart failure patients
Bela Fulesdi

Role of CVP in hemodynamic
János Gál
10.30-11.00 Break
11.00-12.30Chanllenges in the world

Centre of Excellence in the Desert? Establishments of a Comprehensive Pediatric Program in Abu Dhabi
László Király

My experiences in Abu Dhabi
Daniel Schmiedlin

My perspectives in Budapest
Zsolt Prodan

Next meeting, future of EWCI
Jacquet Luc-Marie