Preliminary Programme

Wednesday   |   09.06.2021

Processing Y chromosome related casework

Sascha Willuweit, Lutz Roewer
Casework experience with mtDNA: reporting of evidence, haplogrouping and ancestry estimation

Walther Parson
18.30-22.00Welcome get-together party

Thursday   |   10.06.2021

09.00-12.30Registration / Poster Exhibition / Seminar/Lunch
12.30-13.00Promega Lunch Seminar
13.15-13.45Opening ceremony

Chairs: Lutz Roewer, Manfred Kayser
13.45-14.15Population demographic processes influencing Y-chromosome landscape: two different examples
Peter de Knijff
14.15-14.35Towards a global population reference database for high-resolution Y-SNP haplogroups: a multicenter study
Arwin Ralf
14.35-14.50New maternal and paternal lineages from the Hungarian speaking Székely population of Harghita county in Romania
Anna Szécsényi-Nagy
14.50-15.05Uniparental analysis of ancient human remains from Russia that could be related to early Hungarians
Bea Szeifert
15.05-15.20Population genomics  reveals complex genetic history of of North Asian human populations
Vadim Stepanov
15.20-15.35The enigma of haplogroup N and Finno-Ugric peoples
Csaba Barnabas Horvath
15.35-15.50Preliminary genetic results from the 10-11th century cemeteries of the Carpathian Basin
Tibor Török
15.50-16.00Wrap-up discussion
16.00-16.30Coffee Break
16.30-16.50Introducing novel RM Y-STR markers and a new multiplex genotyping tool for improving  male relative differentiation in forensics and elsewhere 
Manfred Kayser
16.50-17.05The variability of the cell type composition in blood, buccal cells and saliva and the impact on age prediction
Jana Naue
17.05-17.20Solving the unsolvable? The molecular identi-kit - validation of a custom Ion AmpliSeq Panel combining ancestry-informative autosomal and Y- chromosomal SNPs with phenotype prediction
Marta Diepenbroek
17.20-17.35The investigative role of NGS mitogenomes and DNA phenotyping in a forensic casework 
Carla Bini
17.35-17.50Canine Mitochondrial Investigation for breed inference
Federica Giangasparo
17.50-18.00Wrap-up discussion

Friday   |   11.06.2021

Chairs: Walther Parson, Marie Allen
09.00-09.30Forensic considerations for deep mitogenome sequencing
Charla Marshall
09.30-09.45Optimizing a Combination MPS Workflow for Simultaneous Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA and Autosomal Targets
Jessica Lim
09.45-10.00The importance of quality control checks for mitogenome data generated with whole genome sequencing
Kimberly Andreaggi
10.00-10.15SD… Y? A modular quantification system for nuclear, Y and mtDNA targets
Catarina Xavier
10.15-10.30Early non-invasive prenatal paternity testing with markers designed for forensic DNA mixture resolution
Diana Hall
10.30-10.40Wrap-up discussion
10.40-11.10Coffee Break
11.10-11.25UniQ TyperTM Y-10 genotyping system: Genetic variation in Southern Africa
D’Amato Maria Eugenia
11.25-11.40Forensic and population genetical analyses of Y-STRs and Y-hgs on an ethnic group “Pipil” in El Salvador
Toshimichi Yamamoto
11.40-11.55Mitochondrial DNA analysis in the United Arab Emirates populations
Reem Almheiri
11.55-12.10Searching the lost variants in MPS data: how can we identify undetected mtDNA polymorphisms?
Filomena Melchionda
12.10-12.20Wrap-up discussion
12.30-13.00ThermoFisher Lunch Seminar

Chairs: Leonor Gusmao, Maria Eugenia D’Amato
14.00-14.30"Y chromosome analysis in the forensic laboratory - sexing, profiling and matching male DNA"
Lutz Roewer
14.30-14.50Strategic use of Y-STR Forensic Testing – New Zealand Case Studies
Heidi Baker
14.50-15.10The importance of relatedness in Y chromosomal match probability
Dr. Amke Caliebe
15.10-15.25Extending the Discrete Laplace method for frequency estimation of Y-chromosomal DNA profiles
Maarten Kruijver
15.25-15.40Evaluation of transfer, persistence and prevalence of male DNA under women’s fingernails
Alessandra Iuvaro
15.40-15.55A forensically relevant Y-STR haplotype
Lay Hong Seah
15.55-16.05Wrap-up discussion
16.05-16.30Coffee Break
16.30-16.45The Alps as an intranational barrier for human migration are still reflected in the present day population of Switzerland
Martin Zieger
16.45-17.00The intricate genetic landscape of Panama according to mitogenomes and Y-chromosome evidence
Alessandro Achilli
17.00-17.15Were Roma people originated from Punjab Pakistan? Y Chromosomal perspective
Atif Adnan
17.15-17.35Y-STRs of ForenSeq: preliminary validation, concordance study, population data and casework analysis results for Polish samples
Marcin Woźniak
17.35-17.50Phylogenetic resolution in central Indian population of Madhya Pradesh deciphered with Y-STR 
Ankit Srivastava
17.50-18.00Wrap-up discussion
19.00-24.00Gala dinner (retro disco)

Saturday   |   12.06.2021

Chairs: Horolma Pamjav, Marcin Wozniak
09.00-09.30EMPOP in the era of Massively Parallel Sequencing
Walther Parson
09.30-09.50MITOMETRICS: Studying mitochondrial heteroplasmy along hair shafts
Vania Pereira
09.50-10.05A sensitive MPS assay for analysis of challenging forensic samples
Marie  Allen
10.05-10.20MITOBOOK: a work management tool for mtDNA analysis
Cibeles Serna Menor
10.20-10.30Wrap-up discussion
10.30-11.00Coffee Break
11.00-11.20"Subdividing Y-chromosome haplogroup R1a1 reveals Norse Viking dispersal lineages in Britain”
Maarten H.D. Larmuseau
11.20-11.35Development of a whole MtDNA genome panel for forensic analyses using massively parallel sequencing
Jiangwei Yan
11.35-11.50Development of validation of mgieasy signature identification library prep kit: an all-in-one multiplex system for forensic application
Ran Li
11.50-12.05Development and preliminary validation of in-house mini 4-plex multiplex PCR to assess DNA degradation
Nur Haliza Hassan
12.05-12.15Wrap-up discussion
12.15-12.45Closing ceremony
12.45-14.15Farewell Lunch


Wednesday, 09 September, 2020  |   13.00-15.00

Processing Y chromosome related casework
Lecturers: Lutz Roewer, Sascha Willuweit

Wednesday, 09 September, 2020  |   15.30-17.30

Casework experience with mtDNA: reporting of evidence, haplogrouping and ancestry estimation
Lecturer: Walther Parson

Invited speakers

Charla Marshall

Armed Forces Medical Examiner System's Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFMES-AFDIL)

Talk title: Forensic considerations for deep mitogenome sequencing

Peter de Knijff

Department of Human Genetics, Leiden University Medical Centre, The Netherlands

Title: Population demographic processes influencing Y-chromosome
landscape: two different examples

Contribution from the board

Lutz Roewer

Department of Forensic Genetics, Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, Berlin, Germany

Talk title: Y chromosome analysis in the forensic laboratory - sexing, profiling and matching male DNA

Walther Parson   

Institute of Legal Medicine, Medical University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria

Talk title: EMPOP in the era of Massively Parallel Sequencing