Convention Budapest Ltd has been operating as a Professional Congress Organizer (PCO) since 1995. Our main area of activity is the organization of conferences for medical and healthcare professionals, but we also organize other events and cultural programs (operetta ball, opera gala, concerts of classical music, and musical festivals). An additional activity is the production of classical music recordings and CDs. Several events arranged by our company have been recorded and broadcast by Hungarian Television, Duna Television, and Hungarian Radio.

Owing to extensive and effective relations with medical and healthcare professionals, our company is instrumental in the organization of many of the healthcare conferences that take place in Hungary each year.


Our policy

The professional content of the conferences is always compiled by committees of professional experts enjoying wide respect within their respective fields. The task of our company is to manage the administration and organization of these conferences and to ensure that each conference runs smoothly.

Károly Bagdi and Ferenc Miklósi, the founder-members of the company, consider high standards of professional conduct and long-term co-operation to be the basis of their company policy. It is this policy that has led many professional organizations to seek out the assistance and expertise of Convention Budapest when organizing conferences.

Owing to the coordinated work of a small group of professional staff - covering the separate tasks of billing, registration, and administration - we have successfully organized conferences of high technical and professional standards.

Most of the events organized by us are educational courses. For these events we obtain the qualification in accordance with the decree of the Ministry of Health - 52/2003. (VIII.22) ESZCSM - concerning further education of healthcare professionals.


  • co-operating and organizing the event preparation according to given time in harmony with the clients’ wishes
  • full pre-financing of events
  • venue selecting and reservation
  • designing and set up of websites for events
  • selecting and securing catering services
  • compiling mailing lists
  • registering notices of attendance, posting confirmations, handling follow-ups and arranging acquisitions with both possible exhibitors and possible participants
  • invoicing, money management and accounting, activities, which acts should be liaised by the client
  • preparing, designing all congress printed materials by the liaised sub-contractor
  • securing hotel accommodations and organizing ancillary programs
  • seeking and organizing sponsors, exhibitors
  • organizing conference-related exhibitions, providing the highest possible standard of exhibition opportunity for contracted
  • procuring all necessary technology and equipment
  • organizing of incentive tours
  • providing hostess service and on-site supervision
  • managing on-site registration process
  • full supervision of subcontractors
  • financial management and undertaking full financial responsibility for technical management of event