Forthcoming Events

    Reaccredited events


      • co-operating and organizing the event preparation according to given time in harmony with the clients’ wishes
      • full pre-financing of events
      • venue selecting and reservation
      • designing and set up of websites for events
      • selecting and securing catering services
      • compiling mailing lists
      • registering notices of attendance, posting confirmations, handling follow-ups and arranging acquisitions with both possible exhibitors and possible participants
      • invoicing, money management and accounting, activities, which acts should be liaised by the client
      • preparing, designing all congress printed materials by the liaised sub-contractor
      • securing hotel accommodations and organizing ancillary programs
      • seeking and organizing sponsors, exhibitors
      • organizing conference-related exhibitions, providing the highest possible standard of exhibition opportunity for contracted
      • procuring all necessary technology and equipment
      • organizing of incentive tours
      • providing hostess service and on-site supervision
      • managing on-site registration process
      • full supervision of subcontractors
      • financial management and undertaking full financial responsibility for technical management of event